Welcoming Guests: Ushpizin / Ushpizot

Sukkot is associated with hospitality. We welcome guests into our sukkah; we appreciate the beauty of our friends’ sukkot and the meals they serve us there. We also invite ushpizin—imaginary honored guests, traditionally in the form of iconic male biblical characters. We suggest expanding your guest list to include women, portrayals of Jewish heroes, or people who have taught you lessons about hospitality.

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Ushpizin: Come on In

by Lori Lefkovitz, Ph.D.
Ushpizin connects us to all our ancestors, real and imagined...   more
Blog Post | October 11, 2011

Welcoming Women into the Sukkah

Ushpizot, inviting biblical prophetesses into the sukkah, is a new ritual based in tradition. Ma'yan has designed a beautiful poster to enhance your sukkah.   more
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