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  • 5 Creative Resources for Torah Study

    In collaboration with the podcast Hashivenu, check out these resources on Torah study for Shavuot

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  • woman in silhouette, head bowed in prayer, by the ocean at sunset
    Shekhinah's Blessing: A Shiviti for the Omer, by Batya Diamond

    "May Shekhinah bless you and watch over you / May She light up to you..."

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  • Woman floating on her back in water
    Mikveh Ritual for Graduating from College, by Heather Paul

    We immerse in Your living waters to mark our voyage toward new beginnings

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  • women holding hands and frolicking in a field
    Just One Week Left to Support our Omer Fundraising Campaign!

    We need your support to reach our $2,500 goal. Donate now!

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  • Count the Omer with Ritualwell!

    We're excited to offer you 49 days of inspiration...

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By holding the intention for the day ... I was able to let come forth what had to come ... in both image and word.

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