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  • white spring blossoms blooming
    The Flower, by David Ebenbach

    Sorry to give you my back. What you say in Iran, I know, is a flower has no back

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  • silhouette of a person blowing a large shofar
    Shofar Kavannah for Refugees, by Rabbi Renee Bauer

    Tekiah is the wail of a single mom of three fleeing from the Democratic Republic of Congo

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  • women standing at the beach with eyes closed, arms out
    Amidah for Peace, Justice, and Immigration, by Rabbi Elliott Tepperman

    God of our ancestors. God of immigrants. God of refugees

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    Book a one-on-one consultation with a Ritual Guide to learn how to craft a personalized ritual!

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A new collection of resources for the High Holidays focuses on the theme of Embracing the Stranger.

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