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  • Tears of Angels: Transforming Pain, Healing our World, by Ariel Neshama Lee

    Whenever I see raindrops falling on a windowpane, I think they must be the tears of angels, sent into the world to help us heal...

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  • Children standing in front of American flag with sign that reads One Nation
    Prayer for America, by Rabbi Victor H. Reinstein

    Help us to see that we the people are America the beautiful, in all the grandeur of our colors, and in the symphony of faiths and tongues by which we sing to You

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  • Woman with backpack hiking in forest
    Looking Toward Pesakh, by Rabbi Yael Levy

    The season tells us it is time to go.
    The journey starts with one step.

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  • Stone with the word Remember
    Unveiling for a Deceased Grandparent, by Elisha Gechter

    Judaism has several names for a cemetery, one of which is Beit HaChaim: a home for the living

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The Jewish concept of freedom is not solely about escaping bondage. It’s not freedom “from,” it’s freedom “to.” 

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