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Sanctifying Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships bring two people together in a unique emotional and physical connection. This is something to celebrate, whether through the public festivity of a wedding, or in the private reflection of immersion in the mikveh. Sanctifying our intimate relationships elevates these unions and gives them a context of meaning and joy.

A Lesbian Havdalah Wedding

By Judy and Chris
This beautiful Covenant of Love ceremony begins with havdalah and is filled with personal expressions of love and well-chosen readings. This ceremony is both a good example of how a lesbian couple reckoned with tradition and also how to make a ceremony extremely personal.   more
Complete Ceremony


By Rabbi Rona Shapiro
A look at the sociological and demographic implications of intermarriage in the Jewish community along with things a prospective interfaith couple should know about Jewish attitudes, family, rabbinic officiation, the ceremony, negotiating the Jewish community after the wedding, and conversion   more

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