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Shanah Tovah, Dear Couch: A Meditation on our Homes as Holy Space

woman wearing glasses holding mug sitting on sofa in enclosed porch looking outside

Hello, couch. Hello, kitchen table. Hello, backyard.
I look around my house and I greet these ordinary objects.
We have spent more time together these past months than usual. 

Thank you for being an oasis of comfort and safety.
You have worked so hard to hold me, day in and day out.
How can we allow you and me to rest and restore and return on this most sacred day?

I transform you with my desire for the change I wish to see in myself.
You, dear couch, table, backyard, you are now my sacred spacemy mikdash m’at, 
a sanctuary where I will allow myself to become present to my breath,
to turn down the noise of the world
and turn up the volume of my prayers.

Shanah tovah, dear couch, Good Yuntif, dear kitchen table, G’mar Tov, dear backyard!
In this holy space that is my home, I pursue my desire to become whole.

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