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Ruakh Elohim: A Song of Creation

woman walking outside in the sunlight with long transparent orange scarf blowing behind her

Before creation, all was known

b’Ruakh Elohim yera’eh halom* [in the spirit/breath of the Divine a dream will be revealed]

The spirit, the breath of Elohim

Reveals creation, reveals the dream


Colors flowing from a spark

Vibrations in the luminous dark

Letters swirling into words

Sound and light seen and heard        


Ruakh Elohim bi, b’khol

Ruakh Elohim bi, b’khol

Ruakh Elohim in me, in all

Ruakh Elohim bi

Ruakh Elohim bi


Before creation, music played

Spirit sang a serenade

Shattering the depths from where it rose

And in the brokenness composed


Waves of water, waves of sound

And me, I sense the presence all around

In the rhythm of my breath and in my blood

This world, this dream, this song of love


Ruakh Elohim bi, b’khol

Ruakh Elohim bi, b’khol

Ruakh Elohim in me, in all

Ruakh Elohim bi

Ruakh Elohim bi

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