Ritual for Turning Off Devices before Shabbat

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There are many ways to observe Shabbat, and taking 24 hours away from our devices (TVs, computers, smart phones, etc.) is one way to create a day of rest and peace. Here at Ritualwell, we asked our friends for ideas of how to mark this moment of unplugging. A blessing and ritual suggestions are below. Please feel free to comment with additional suggestions!

Blessing for Turning off Devices before Shabbat

By Elana Bell

Bless you/thank you (this/these) devices for all that you do to connect me to information, keeping me connected to people I love, allowing me to do my work in the world. I am grateful. And now is your time to rest so that I may rest and slow my thoughts and be fully present in this moment for the next 24 hours. Amen.

Rituals for Unplugging

1) Put a cloth/sheet over the computer

2) Put phones or other devices (also wallets, if you refrain from spending money) into a basket, decorated "Shabbat box," or "cell phone sleeping bag"

3) Turn off devices right before Shabbat candle lighting

4) Text or call loved ones to wish them a special Shabbat Shalom right before you turn off the phone, so you can go into Shabbat having those close connections fresh in your mind

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