Real Kippur

white goat on mountain

It may come at you together
As a community
And it may come individually
It may come in a way you least expect
You may have to do it yourself first
Then your community

It could even come on a back of a beautiful
Yoked beast

On the back of that beautiful yoked beast
You have laid the sins of your community
Or the fears of your community
The cleansing of your community

The Real Kippur may carry away the fears
The hurts the sins the obstructions
Limitations of your community

After having made the personal kippur
You take your sins your fears your hurts your shorts
And on the back of this beautiful yoked beast
You place them and the animal

Because it can
Because that is what this animal does
It carries away on its back what you have placed there

I am a load bearing animal the animal says
I am a working animal
I will receive the fears the sins of your community
Its hurts and its hindrances

And I will carry them into the wilderness
This is another in the category of Real Kippur

Atonement I can do this because this is what I do

How does this happen
Kapparah I’m not sure but I think
This is how it works.


Found in: Yom Kippur

Tags: kapparah, teshuvah