A Psalm of Nitzavim No. 2

woman in forest with eyes closed and hands pressed together in prayer
Where are the angels
Born of the Most High
As we confront our own inner demons?
Where are the messengers
Who come to us in peace
As we clean up the detritus of riots and rebellion?
Where is the shelter
Of Heavenly Wings
As we witness these clashes which betray our souls?
We have the wisdom of lessons 
Passed down through generations
Yet we have failed to pay them heed.
Though Your wonders surrounds us
We have become covetous and blind
Neglectful of the gifts You bestow.
Despite all the goodness
You provide without asking
We cannot see beyond what we lack.
Creator of All ...
Bless us with vision 
Help us to always rise higher.
Highlight Your pathways
Guide us in collaboration
Teach us again the lessons of love.
Show us the beauty
Of each person's uniqueness
The essence of You in everyone.
And let us stand as one
Together as Nitzavim 
For all the length of our days.