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Prelude to Mikveh

By Cynthia Wallace


Naked and alone I approach the Mikvah
no speck of dirt or trailing hair
between my body and the warm flowing waters.
I pull knees to chest head curled down
a fetal position
the shape of the human heart
Water touches my every cell

The borders of my body become indistinguishable
from molecules of sacred water
As one together, yet cradled and
enveloped by a profound embrace

Hashem that is water
Water that is Hashem
Nourished in his womb
that is her womb
that is the womb of the people Yisrael

Three times I curl around myself
immerse my body into the waters
Once within Hashem, Echad, The Place
Twice within the womb of Shechina
Thrice within the soul of my people Yisrael

Stepping out I cherish the feeling of pressure
the water’s indelible imprint on my skin
The comfort of being completely enveloped and sustained
The joy of feeling at one within myself
held within Hashem

Hashem who is
is יהוה
is was
is is
is always will be
is breath
is ah-ahaaaaaa