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A Prayer for Healing after Accidental Injury

light brown-skinned woman sitting in chair with hands pressed together, chin resting on hands, looking toward a window

Eternal One,

You ordain our trials and tribulations,
And we know there is always a reason.
We cannot presume to know Your mind,
We can only seek to find You in the process.
Through pain and recovery, we vacillate, 
Blaming You, while imploring You to provide a reason,
Crying out for healing, as we pray for blessed relief,
We still thank You for sparing us from worse.
In these moments, as injury numbs our minds,
And medication blinds us to Your presence,
We ask for Your merciful intervention.
Grant us rapid healing of body, spirit and mind,
Allow us to discover the purpose of this new journey,
And to understand the lessons You have laid before us.
Help us to find the strength only You can grant,
And to use that strength to grow stronger than we were.
Be our Rock and redeem us from the well of self-pity,
And grant us the ability to overcome this challenge ...
And Amen.

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