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A Prayer for Creation

By Rabbi David Mevorach Seidenberg

From NeoHasid.org


Elohei Haruchot,

God of all spirit, all directions, all winds
You have placed in our hands power
unlike any since the world began
to overturn the orders of creation.

Please God, give us wisdom
and skillful hands to heal
the Skies and the Earth from our sins;
Y’kum purkan lish’maya
"May salvation arise for the heavens."
that the blessings of the sun flow
over us for life and not for death,
for blessing and not for curse,
as it says, "I will open for you
the expanses of the Heavens
and will empty out for you a blessing
beyond what is enough
and Earth’s fruit will not be
destroyed because of you."

God full of compassion, remember
Your covenant with all life,
the covenant of the waters of Noah.
Spread a Sukkah of compassion and
peace over us, over all Life’s species;
Surround all our relations,
with Shekhinah’s radiance;

Water them with Your river of delights
in all of their habitats.
Then "the bow will appear in the cloud,"
joyful and beautified with its colors,
and the Tree of Life will return to its
original strength,
so that we and our descendants
may merit to live many days on Earth,
like days of the Skies over the Land.

Blessed be the Life of the worlds!

Based on the P’ri Eitz Hadar (17th c.), Birkat Hachodesh, Sefardi liturgy for Sukkot, and
Mal 4, n 9:14; Ps 36, 78, 146; Dt 32:11, 11:12.

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