Tradition & Innovation

Prayer for Change

By Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
chuppah decorated with flowers with water in the background

Weddings are celebrations, not only of personal milestones, but also of communal values. Each time I plan a wedding with a heterosexual couple, I initiate a conversation about gay marriage. To be specific, I suggest that they include in their service a prayer for change. The particular prayer is not important; acknowledging the issue publicly is. I also challenge my rabbinic colleagues who do not already do so to include something similar in their own wedding planning routine.

As we stand under the huppah today, we give thanks that we can marry with the blessings of our rabbi, our community, our state and our federal government.

At this moment, we turn our gratitude to concern. We pray for the day when our country recognizes and honors the marriages of our gay brothers and sisters just as it recognizes and honors our own.

We pledge to contribute to _______ (fill in organization) that is working toward that end.

May there soon be heard in our land the sound of gladness and joy as loving couples—all loving couples—dance and sing and celebrate.

May that time come speedily and in our days.



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