A Prayer for Camp in a Time of COVID19

group of kids exploring in the forest

When Miriam danced at the Red Sea, all the people danced.

On Miriam’s merit, the people always had water in the desert.

Miriam was one, but she was part of the whole. And so when Miriam’s body was struck with an illness that was highly contagious, she went forth from the camp and was separated from it.

But the camp knew that Miriam was part of the whole, and while she was apart and was healing, the camp stayed still.

Without Miriam, the camp was quiet.

They waited. They knew that one day she would return to the camp and once again the camp would return to its regular rhythm, the camp would come alive together, and continue on their meaningful journey.

So like the ancient Israelites, we are quiet in our camp. We wait for the moment of return. We pray for the health and safety of our entire community in this difficult, still moment. We pray for the blessings of coming together when the time is right, that we may return music, joy and purpose to the camp and journey forth together.