Mother's Day Prayer

black woman holding a baby and kissing their cheek

Dear God and God of our Ancestors

Sarah Rebecca Rachel and Leah the mothers of our tradition are mothers to us all.

They were not perfect but they were holy. And their merits are a blessing to us through to this day.

Through the generations, our collective mothers have struggled and sacrificed, celebrated and rejoiced, persevered and flourished and for this we are grateful. We thank them for all they have done and tried to do.

On this Mother’s Day we ask that you bless all the mothers, that they find strength, clarity, patience and love to be all that they can and want to be.

On this Mother’s Day we ask that you bless those who are missing their mothers, mourning their absence or whose relationships are tinged with regret.

On this Mother's Day we ask that you bless those mothers whose hearts are broken and who are missing their children.

On this Mother's Day, we ask that you bless those who are seeking to become mothers.

On this Mother's Day, we ask that you bless those whose love and care provides mothering throughout our community.

And may we all navigate our days with grace and love so that our Motherhood journies will be counted for a blessing.

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