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Mi Sheberakh Blessing of Appreciation for People of Different Identities

By Rabbi Maurice Harris and Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin
people dancing holding hands in a circle

Optional Hebrew opening can be chanted to a typical Mi Sheberakh tune or read aloud:

Feminine God-language

מְקוֹר הַבְּרָכָה לְאִמּוֹתֵינוּ וְאֲבוֹתֵינוּ

הִיא תְבָרֵך אֵת כָּל הַאֲנָשִׁים מֵדָתוֹת שׁוֹנוֹת

שֶׁדָבְקוּ בַּקְהִילָה הַזֹאת תַּחַת כָּנְפֵי הַשְׁכִינָה


Masculine God-language

מִי שֶׁבֵּרַךְ אֲבוֹתֵינוּ וְאִמּוֹתֵינוּ

הוּא יְבָרֵך אֵת כָּל הַאֲנָשִׁים מֵדָתוֹת שׁוֹנוֹת

שֶׁדָבְקוּ בַּקְהִילָה הַזֹאת תַּחַת כָּנְפֵי הַשְׁכִינָה


May the One who blessed our ancestors before us
Bless all those of different faiths and identities
Who contribute to the life of this synagogue;
Who give of their time and their hearts;
Who help bring Judaism to life for all of us and for the next generation;
Who volunteer and serve this community in ways seen and unseen;
And who give the gifts of love and support to their Jewish partners and family members.
We give thanks to them and to You, Source of Life.
Holy One, please bless them to find acceptance, appreciation, and joy here in this synagogue.
And during life’s sorrows may they know they can take refuge among us, under the Wings of your Protection.
May they know that they are immeasurably valued just as they are.
May the works of their hands be blessed with much success, and may they walk the paths of peace along with their sisters and brothers in the Household of Israel and the wider human family. And let us say, Amen.


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