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Ma'ariv Aravim

dark forest with sun shining through
Blessed are You, Adonai Our God, Ruler of the Universe
Who created all order and separation
The continuum of time and space
This very real world in all of its frailties
As day becomes night
let us take a breath of fragrant air
and throw a handful of stars
at the night sky
so that we may dare to wonder
Let us thank you for giving us
this gift of darkness
so that we may find the little cracks and crevices where the light
can creep in
if we step aside long enough
to create holy space
For you are within and without
The first courageous act of creation,
The glorious sound of our song,
and the embodiment
of all of our sorrows
You set all the earth in motion
just by willing it into being
And we, small and yearning, are tasked
to embrace at once both the light and the dark.

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