Lekhi Lakh

By Debbie Friedman, z"l & Savina Teubal

Lekhi lakh to a land that I will show you
Lekh li-kha to a place you do not know
Lekhi lakh on your journey I will bless you
And you shall be a blessing, you shall be a blessing
You shall be a blessing lekhi lakh

Lekhi lakh and I shall make your name great
Lekh li-kha and all shall praise your name
Lekhi lakh to the place that I will show you
Li-simkhat hayyim, li-simkhat hayyim
Li-simkhat hayyim lechi lach.

And you shall be a blessing, you shall be a blessing
You shall be a blessing lekhi lakh.

"Lekhi lakh to a place that I will show you/Lekh lekha to a land you do not know…" Based on God's words to Abraham to seek his destiny (Genesis 12:1–2). To listen to this song, click here. 1988 Deborah Lynn Friedman (ASCAP) Sounds Write Productions, Inc. (ASCAP). Used with permission of Sounds Write Productions, Inc. http://www.soundswrite.com/.

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