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Kos Miryam for Shabbat

By Kol Isha

We welcome the Sabbath Queen, and ask that Shekhinah, God's Holy Presence, be with us tonight. On this Shabbat eve, we remember the gift of Miriam's Well, created at twilight on the evening of the Seventh Day. Miriam's Well was filled with mayyim hayyim, living waters, pure sparkling waters through which God gave spiritual nourishment, healing, and renewal.

Thank You, Mekor ha-Hayyim, Source of Life, for giving us the Waters of Life. Let us drink deeply from the living waters of Miriam's Well and remember Yah our God, Who brought us out of Egypt, provided for us in the desert, and created Sabbath Peace. On this Shabbat, may we find peace in our heart, renewal for our soul, and joy with our family and friends.

(lift cup)

Zot Kos Miryam, Kos Mayyim Hayyim.
Zakheir L'ma-asei V'reishit.

Zakheir L'ma-asei V'reishit.

This is the Cup of Miriam, the Cup of Living Waters.
Let us remember the Wonders of Creation.

N'varekh et Eyn ha-Hayyim she-natnah lanu Mayyim Hayyim. --

Let us bless the Source of Life Who has given us living waters.

(blessing for drinking water)

Barukh Atah Adonay, Eloheynu Melekh ha-Olam, she-ha-kol nih'ye bi-d'varo. 

Blessed are You Yah our God, Majestic Spirit of the Universe, by Whose word everything is created.  



© 1992 Kol Isha (Matia Rania Angelou, Janet Berkenfield, Stephanie Loo)
May be used, but not sold, by notifying Kol Isha in writing PO Box 132, Wayland, MA, 01778. 
Please include this copyright on all copies.

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