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Kos Miryam for Rosh Hashanah

By Kol Isha

Hayom Harat Olam
(Today the world is born!)
B’reishit barah Elohim et HaShamayim v’et HaAretz...
v’Ruakh Elohim m’rakhefet al p’nei haMayyim.
(Bereshit 1:1.2)

“At the beginning of God’s creating of the heavens and the earth...
a Rushing-Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters.”
(adapted from Everett Fox’s translation, The Five Books of Moses

The new year begins. We remember the first day of creation, and the spirit of God is so close we can hear the rushing waters. All is possible. May we be blessed with possibility. May we be blessed with beginnings. May we be blessed to begin fresh and new—renewed and refreshed with the mayyim hayyim, the living waters of Miriam’s Well. May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life for peace, health, wholeness, joy, and prosperity.

(lift cup)

Zot Kos Miryam, Kos Mayyim Hayyim.
Zakheir l’vri’at ha-Olam.

Zakheir l’vri’at ha-Olam.

This is the Cup of Miriam, the Cup of Living Waters.
A reminder of the Creation of the World, when All was Possible.

N'varekh et Eyn ha-Hayyim she-natnah lanu Mayyim Hayyim. 

Let us bless the Source of Life Who has given us living waters.

(blessing for drinking water)

Barukh Atah Adonay, Eloheynu Melekh ha-Olam, she-ha-kol nih'ye bi-d'varo. 

Blessed are You Yah our God, Majestic Spirit of the Universe, by Whose word everything is created.  



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