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For Kabbalat Shabbat

By Ruth F. Brin, z”l

Praise be You, Eternal One our God, Ruler of the universe,
Who with Your word brings on the evening twilight . . .
rolling away the light before the darkness.

The trees are silent, and the earth is still,
the sun makes no sound; no voice has the hill.

The earth rolls in silence, the stars pierce the sky,
the moon will not whisper, the clouds cannot sigh.

And though God has bid them, we have not heard,
this night has fallen without sound of God’s Word.

Yet Your law sends the stars across the night,
the earth turns surely from darkness to light.

How then shall we praise God who silently gives?
Each silently praises who righteously lives.

Our stillness is praise when our ears have heard
the command of love: God’s unspoken word.

From Ruth F. Brin, HARVEST: Collected Poems and Prayers, The Reconstructionist Press, New York, 1986. Used by permission of the estate of Ruth F. Brin, z”l. Rabbi Deborah J. Brin, a daughter of the author, can be contacted by clicking here.