The Harmony of the Hanukkiyah

two children lighting a hannukiyah

One candle lights another;
and darkness is dispelled from the surrounding area.

One candle lights two others;
and the the brightness reaches beyond what is near.
One candle lights three others;
and the closest corners are no longer dark.
One candle lights four others;
and the walls begin to shine with illumination.
One candle lights five others;
and the room begins to feel warm and inviting.
One candle lights six others;
and people being to reflect the candle's glow.
One candle lights seven others;
and people farther away are attracted to the light.
One candle lights eight others;
and the world begins to take notice of the brilliance.
Nine candles, now burning harmoniously together.
They have the power to dispel darkness, they have the power to shine light into our world. They have the power which comes from building one upon another, working together, in harmony, achieving the brightest light they can shed.
We can become like those candles. We can be candles igniting the flame of one another. Candles shining brightly together, shedding a light which casts all people out of darkness and into a brilliant, better world.