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Hanerot Hallalu Kodesh Hem: These Lights of Ours are Holy

By Shira Weidenbaum and Andrea Simms-Karp
close up of person lighting the shamash of a menorah with two candles

Hebrew words: from traditional Hanukkah candle lighting ritual
English words: Shira and Andrea's translation
Melody composed by: Shira
Harmony added by: Andrea

Haneirot halalu kodesh hem (2x)
Vekhol shmonat yemei Hanukkah
Haneirot halalul kodesh hem

Haneirot halalu kodesh hem (2x)
Kedei lehodot lehalel leshimkhah hagadol
Haneirot halalul kodesh hem

These lights of ours are holy (2x)
For all eight days of Hanukkah

These lights of ours are holy  

Shared by Or Haneshamah – Ottawa's Reconstructionist Community.

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