Devotional #1: Invoking Departed Souls

woman meditating in forest

Spend a time alone sit down at a table that has another purpose a kitchen table other than thinking a table in a park or by the water take a pen you picked up in your house or found a tool you’ve never used before.

Take a scrap paper the other side of a receipt a napkin is good.

Sit and rock for a moment think gaze off into the near distance clear your throat shake your head.

Put your ear to the ground take your hand and plunge it into dirt if you are by the ocean go there and walk in it.

Think of your beloved souls who have gone remember your teachers.

Write their names on your scrap of paper.

Invoke your beloveds whatever is undone find a way to make something right a start.

Let your beloveds occupy your skin let them speak through your voice those near and those far.

Make this document (rewrite once or twice but don’t throw it away stick it in your notebook) make this document your notice that on this day ________ you are alive and if the tendrils from the past are interfering with you release.

Claim the past for power and direction inspiration and hope.

Now be free of everything but the present.

Then fill your lungs with breath and life and gratitude for the beating heart of the world.

Say amen.

Complete Ceremony