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To the Children

afikoman bag

I wrote this poem to my son, Geist, and all chilldren living through difficult times. Written during the coronavirus pandemic that coincided with Passover, I read and sent the poem via email and text to the children participating in our Zoom seder as their remote gift to return the afikomen that the youngest had found hidden (by their parents) at their home.

To the Children
Born to 9/11
Commencing into a plague
These are the children of
A Dark Age
May you find joy and laughter 
Notwithstanding the tears
May you feel love and beauty
Notwithstanding the fear
Hold hands and dance 
Swim with the whales
Believe in the future
As you unfurl your sails
We love you so deeply 
We thought we had tried
But our guts rattle with shame 
As we look deep inside
We should have done more 
We got lost in the fray
We did not stop the ravages
Polluting your days
May the Earth wield her power
May the Spirits awake
May the bonds - together 
Weave, heal, cure the breaks
You are more than you know 
You are moonlight and song
You are wondrous and infinite 
You are stardust and strong


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