Candle Blessings for the Last Night of Hanukkah

On the shamash:

May this light nourish and replenish all those who work in the world to provide assistance to others.
On each of the candles:
May this light be a torch for those who are lost and need to find their way out of the darkness.
May this light bring warmth to those who feel the bitterness of the cold on their bodies, in their hearts, within their souls.
May this light brighten the spirits of those who are sorrowful illumining the path to hope and joy.
May this light kindle the creativity of artists of all kinds who need inspiration.
May this light bring clarity to places of confusion and reveal the truths that need to be known.
May this light fuel the passions of those who wish to act to change their lives for the better or change the world to improve it for all.
May this light illuminate the places of brokenness that need to be healed in ourselves, others, and the world, and be a beacon on the journey to wholeness.
May this light shine peace upon those in conflict all over the planet, replacing ignorance, fear, and hatred with understanding, courage, and Love.

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