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A Blessing for Warmth in the Winter

woman holding mug lying on her stomach facing a small fireplace
Ribbono Shel Olam,
Merciful One of the Universe,
As winter arrives, 
And the snow falls,
And everything is covered in pristine white,
As difference disappears 
And the landscape becomes soft, monochrome,
And cold,
Do not forget about me.
Please God, 
Do not forget about
Little… old… me…
I am in need of warmth
From the hearth
And from the heart.
As it becomes difficult to travel,
As many seclude in the warmth of their homes,
Let me not be forgotten.
Let a spark of fire,
Of warmth,
Of time, 
Float upon the winter winds to my home.
May the spark find my hearth prepared,
The wood stacked,
The kindling waiting.
May that little spark find its way to my home.
May it find its way into my arms,
And may the fire in my heart be kindled,
Stoked, burning brightly.
May I be lit, and then share my fire from within.

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