Blessing for the Bisexual Community

This blessing was crafted for use by synagogues wanting to acknowledge their bisexual members, especially during Bisexual Awareness Week.

Blessed are you, Adonai our G!d, Holy One of Blessing, who allows us to be open about our lives, see beyond gender, and blesses us with myriad affections to share with our loved ones.

ברוך אתה יה  אלוהינו  רוח  העולם שמאפשר לנו להיות פתוח על את חיינו, לראות מעבר למגדר
ומברכים אותנו עם חיבה מספר עצום לחלוק עם יקירינו

With these words the congregation blesses all who are open about their lives, see beyond gender, and have multiple ways of showing their affection. In essence, it This is an open blessing that may be adapted for the many aspects of ones life, not only one's sexuality.

This blessing is heavily informed by Robin Ochs' Definition of Bisexuality:
“I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted – romantically and/or sexually – to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.”


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