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Application Day

By Rabba Nehama Benmosche

You were born in my heart

A long time ago
I’ll say

I thought about you all the time

I imagined you here

I imagined all of your faces

And all the ways you could have been

I imagined you as a boy

and as a girl

I imagined you coming from me once

I imagined you growing in a love of mine

I imagined you in a hospital

            In a hut


I imagined you crying

           And laughing

           And smiling

           And wondering


Your soul connected to mine

Before we had bodies

Before there was a when

            Or a where

            Or a how


And I always knew

That when the day was right

When we were ready

That it would be time


Time for that love

            Born in my heart

            Long ago

To grow bigger than anything I could ever imagine.