Bedecken (Noticing Each Other)

Found In: Sanctifying Intimate Relationships, Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

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By Rabbi David Sulomm Stein and Shulamit Sulomm Gehlfuss | Ritual Component


Hinnakh yafah ra'yati hinnakh yafah einayikh yonim.

Ah, how fine you are, my love
how fine
your eyes like those of doves!

(Groom puts a kippah on bride's head.)


Hinkha yafeh dodi af na'im.

How fine are you, my beloved;
what joy we have together!

(Bride puts a kippah on groom's head.)


Domeh dodi litzvi o l'ofer ha-ayalim.

My beloved is like a gazelle
Or like a young stag.

(Bride pins a flower on groom.)


Libavtini achoti kallah libavtini b'akhat me'einayikh.

You have stirred my heart
O my sister, my bride,
You have captured my heart
With one flash of your eyes.

(Groom pins a flower on bride.)

Copyright 1992 by David E. S. Stein. Used by permission of the author. All verses are taken from the Song of Songs.