Healing from Illness

While there are many traditional Jewish prayers for healing, the feminist movement empowered first women and then men and women to create many more prayers and ceremonies which spoke to the specific situations in which they found themselves. The complexity of modern medicine has added to this need for prayers for medical tests, prayers before surgery, prayers after chemotherapy and for each chemo session, etc. In addition, several writers on Ritualwell have created ceremonies to celebrate an important anniversary in relationship to their disease. 


Gift of Life Kavannah

By Rabbi Roni Handler
A kavannah to be recited before swabbing for Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation   more

When the Body Hurts, the Soul Still Longs to Sing

By Rabbi Nancy Flam
Faced with the challenge of blessing God for the gift of one's body when the body doesn't always work as it used to, the author invited a group of women to develop alternative blessings to be said to help people suffering from illness connect to God and seek God's presence.   more

Faith Zap Love. Today.

By Gari Julius Weilbacher
A meditation the author created to use during radiation treatments for breast cancer   more

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