Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

Although the reader might not find “something blue” on ritualwell, she or he will find much that is “borrowed,” “old,” and “new.” Jewish tradition is rich in wedding customs, and we have attempted to bring you some samples from this delightful smorgasbord. You will find pre-wedding customs such as ten'aim (engagement), during which it is customary for the mothers of the couple to break a plate, the bedecken (the veiling of the bride and modern alternatives) and the tischen (literally, "tables," where grooms and/or brides receive blessings and enjoy other rituals immediately prior to the wedding ceremony). You will also find several complete wedding ceremonies along with a breakdown of the constituent parts and alternatives for them, various ketubot (wedding contracts), ideas for tzedakah (charity), and much more. We also explore weddings and ceremonies not envisioned by the rabbis of old – interfaith marriages and weddings and commitment ceremonies between partners of the same sex.

Lieberman Clause

Meant to be appended to the traditional ketubah and written in Aramaic by the late, great Rabbi Saul Lieberman, this clause requires the husband to grant a religious divorce (get) to his wife, should the marriage dissolve. This clause is usually used by Conservative Jews instead of the Orthodox pre-nuptial agreement.  [more]