Yizkor on Memorial Day

by Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.

It took the recitation of Yizkor on Memorial Day to remind me of this important fact: it is incumbent on me as a citizen to take time to reflect and remember.  


True Confessions of an Omer Walker

by Rabbi Roni Handler

I pray that I continue to remember to prioritize both my spiritual and physical sustenance each and every day, even if only for the amount of time that it takes to recite a simple blessing. 



by Rabbi Joshua Boettiger
I think of the Omer—this period of time we are now in the midst of—as learning to count, learning to wait. Shavuot is the only holiday that the Torah does not affix a particular date to; instead... [more]

Springing Into Action

by Rabbi Isabel de Koninck

Spring Break is often a time for beach parties and fun in the sun, but for many students on college campuses throughout America, Spring Break is increasingly a time for serving our communities and our earth through immersive service-learning experiences. 


Walking the Omer

by Rabbi Roni Handler

This practice of counting, of singling out each day, also serves as a reminder to make each and every day count.


Civil Disobedience and Passover

by Rabbi Maurice Harris

There’s something we don’t talk about enough when we tell the Passover story, and that is civil disobedience--in particular, the civil disobedience of five women who enabled Moses to survive his infancy.


Sounds of Seders

by Craig Taubman

We still sing things like “Had Gadya” and “Dayenu,” but seldom are they as memorable as the songs that come from the heart.