The ending of a relationship brings pain and emptiness. Even when we make this decision along with our partner—with care, respect, and thoughtfulness—the ache is still there. These rituals offer opportunities to acknowledge the pain and mourn the past, while beginning to glimpse the future.

A Ritual Acknowledging Separation

By Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
A mourning ceremony following the traditional get for a woman do with her friends. The ceremony centers around the tearing of a sheet or pillowcase meant to evoke sexual intimacy, the wedding canopy, keri'ah, the rending of clothing in mourning, and the cutting of the get.   more
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Tags: havdalah


By Ruth Berger Goldston
A ceremony using havdalah, the ceremony separating Shabbat from the week, to mark the separation of the couple   more
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Tags: havdalah

A Ritual of Release

By Rabbis Paula Marcus, Eli Cohen, and Lori Klein
A separation ritual for a same-sex couple prior to finalizing a get   more
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Upon the Breakdown of a Relationship

By Helen Freeman
A ceremony for a woman and friends using a bowl of stones. The stones echo stones which are traditionally left on graves as signs of remembrance.   more
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