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Sanctifying Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships bring two people together in a unique emotional and physical connection. This is something to celebrate, whether through the public festivity of a wedding, or in the private reflection of immersion in the mikveh. Sanctifying our intimate relationships elevates these unions and gives them a context of meaning and joy.

Jewish Wedding 101

Learn the basics of a Jewish wedding, with sample rituals to get you started!   more
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By Joshua Yan and Alison Engel
The tena'im document, a prewedding contract of the conditions on which the marriage will stand, is an Ashkenazic tradition of engagement. Here is one example.   more

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Tena'im (Engagement) Ceremony

By Joshua Yan and Alison Engel
A tena'im ceremony based on a traditional version but using a new tena'im contract spelling out the couple's mutual obligations in marriage   more
Complete Ceremony

Ketubah (Wedding Contract)

By Rabbi Rona Shapiro
An article about the ketubah, or wedding contract, which describes its history, new ketubot, egalitarian ketubot, and alternatives to the ketubah   more

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Lieberman Clause

Meant to be appended to the traditional ketubah and written in Aramaic by the late, great Rabbi Saul Lieberman, this clause requires the husband to grant a religious divorce (get) to his wife, should the marriage dissolve. This clause is usually used by Conservative Jews instead of the Orthodox pre-nuptial agreement.   more

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Orthodox Prenuptial Agreement

An agreement signed by the bride and groom prior to the wedding which abrogates the situation of a recalcitrant husband who refuses his wife a religious divorce   more

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