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"A Woman of Valor" for Today

Music and lyrics by Juliet I. Spitzer

Dedicated to Bracha Hollander Goldfein

A good woman, so hard to find
She is more precious than rubies
Her circle cast with friendships deep,
Full of love and graceful ease–
     She is a woman of valor.

She opens her hands to the poor
She does not fear the other,
Extends her heart to those in need,
Encourages her friends to succeed–
     She is a woman of valor.

Praise her, love her, hold her with your eyes  
Be the safety that she needs to unlock all that she can be
And let her goodness rise.

Credit is hers for the fruit of her labors
Optimism is her might;
Surrenders to God, she does not despair
Knows how to wrap you in her care–
     She is a woman of valor.


Trust in her with your secret fears
Know that she'll hold you gently;
When she speaks wisdom's spread around
Her depth of compassion, so profound–
     She is a woman of valor.


She counts herself vital in the world
And revels in its wonders;
In others she sees the Divine,
Holds on dearly to her lifeline
     She is a woman of valor.  


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