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U'netaneh Tokef 5781

person holding american flag up in the wind in the sunlight

On Rosh Hashanah it is written, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed. How many shall pass from this world, and how many shall be created. Who shall live, and who shall die. Who shall endure quarantine and lockdown, and who shall enjoy normalcy and wander freely. Who shall succumb to or be scarred by COVID, and who shall be spared its ravages. Who shall receive protection from a properly vetted vaccine, and who shall experience harm from a politicized pseudo-vaccine. Who shall cast a vote, and who shall be discouraged and dissuaded from casting. Whose ballot shall be counted, and whose ballot shall be disqualified. Whose nation shall experience a free and fair election, and whose nation shall have its election interrupted or stolen. Whose nation shall witness a peaceful transition of power, and whose nation shall face a contested continuation of power. Whose nation shall know peace thanks to shared values and standards, and whose nation shall splinter into chaos and bloodshed amid competing conceptions of reality. Whose nation shall breathe the fresh air of freedom, and whose nation shall choke on the pollution of tyranny.



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