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A Tu Bi’Shevat Seder for an Intimate Date Night

two wine glasses filled with white wine are being held by two people not pictured in a cheers motion
This is an outline of questions to spark intimate conversation aligned with each of the 4 worlds of the Tu Bi'Shevat seder.
The world of Atzilut, of formlessness, of Ayn Sof
Over a glass of white wine, ask each other these questions:
What is God?
What have you seen of God?
What do you know of God?
How has God shown up in your life?
Do you feel God’s presence now?
The world of Briyah, of creation, aligned with intellect
With a glass of white wine and a splash of red, ask:
What is intellect?
How has your intellect served you?
Where do you find your thoughts most often? 
Do you have any preoccupations? 
How would you describe your mind?
The world of Yetzirah, of formation, aligned with the heart
With a glass of half red and white, ask:
When have you been in love?
What does love mean to you?
What is the ideal expression of love? 
How do you relate to your heart?
The world of Assiyah, of action, of doing
With a glass of red wine, ask:
What do you find attractive about me?
How do you most like to spend your time? 
How does your body feel right now?
What world are you most drawn to? Where do you reside most? Why?

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