Trans Prayer

person standing in forest looking at sky

This is the season
for my body to catch up with
my soul.
In this, I rejoice.
Still, my spirit cries for peace.

Help me heal in this time of renewal.

Help me find community,
those who welcome me and invite me to their table.

When I doubt my existence,
Remind me I am yours.

When there is violence,
show me serenity.

When I am treated with unkindness,
help me to be kind.

When I am hated,
help me return to love.

When I am set apart,
help me to include.

When others judge me,
remind me I am yours.

And when I doubt you have designed me,
remind me I am just so in the Book of Life.

May I always
dwell in your peace,
your love,
your understanding,

your light,
your wisdom,
your heart.