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Toward a Meaningful Bat Mitzvah

"Toward a Meaningful Bat Mitzvah" is a 48-page booklet published by Targum Shlishi and now available online in PDF form on the publisher's website.

"The goal of this booklet is to share with the Jewish community-at-large our family's solution in creating a bat mitzvah that allowed our daughter to participate fully in a traditional ritual service while at the same time keeping within the broad parameters of the branch of traditional Judaism that our family affiliates with," states Aryeh Rubin in the preface. "Our flexible approach also allowed the non-participating community to share in our celebration."

Edited by Nancy Wolfson-Moche, the publication includes articles by Blu Greenberg, Rabbi Yitz Greenberg, and Rabbi Saul J. Berman, along with checklists and resources which can serve the full spectrum of religious practice.


Found in: Bar/Bat Mitzvah