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These Are the Vows

person shown at a distance walking in a field near mountains with sunlight streaming
These are the vows I ask You not to annul.
They come from my open and truthful heart.
I will see in every sunrise evidence of Your Majesty.
I will search for the New Moon with gratitude for the turnings of life
     and the gift of change.
I will see Your face in every tree and flower, in every creature You have made.
I will laugh and dance and sing in abundant joy.
I will choose life, knowing it is a gift and will one day return to its Source.
Above all, I will turn
            From frantic work to sacred rest
            From endless worry to the safety of Your Presence
            From the pain of loneliness to the sweetness of love
            From endless speaking
             to listening in holy silence for Your Voice.
These are the vows I make before You,
God of my Ancestors
God of my Life
God of the World to Come.

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Found in: Yom Kippur

Tags: vows, kol nidre

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