By Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman and Rabbi Renee Bauer

On this day, __________, which accords with the Hebrew date, ___________, _________and ___________ announce that they will, with God's help, stand under the chuppah and make a commitment to each other on _________, which accords with the Hebrew date, _________in ________, __________.

We pledge to approach the period until that day with patience, humor, and a constant eye on the larger purpose of this event, which is to celebrate our love for each other in the presence of our community of family and friends. We take on the task of planning this celebration with the hope that the process will deepen our relationship with each other and with our families. If we are successful we will have united our families of origin while creating a new family of our own.

It is with gratitude and awe that we pledge ourselves to this process.

Partner 1 Signature ____________________

Partner 2 Signature ____________________

Witness ____________________

Witness ____________________

Used by permission of the authors


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