Tradition & Innovation

Tell God

The moment we say
I can’t handle this anymore
God says, I know you can’t.
Let’s talk tomorrow.

The moment we acknowledge what we cannot do
We open the door a little wider,
giving ourselves a bit more strength than we thought we had.

God has a hand in the work that we do.
And just maybe
In the way we cast aside our grudges
In the way we comfort another
In the way we stand in the middle of difficult stories
and are willing to listen and face the pain
we teach God a little something too.

We can never know in a moment of pain
what fortune may arise
We can never know in a given moment that feels fortunate at first
may, in the end, turn out to be otherwise.

Each day belongs to itself.
Every story we tell about ourselves
about one another
has an ending.
With endings come a possibility of new stories
and new strength.

Tell God 
what it is that you can’t handle
what burns inside you 
what peace you seek
and thereby open a door
to what you can handle
what thrives within you
and what new story may emerge.


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