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Tefillat Haderech L'ahuv

By Amanda Rush

May it be Your will, Lord my God and God of my fathers, to lead my beloved in safety and direct his (her) paths in safety; may You bring him (her) to his (her) destination in life, happiness and peace.

[If traveling by air, add the following.] Fly him (her) in peace and safety to his (her) desired destination. Guard and watch him (her) as he (she) flies the air routes and crosses the seaways and travels the overland passes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead him (her) in peace and safety.)

Protect my beloved from all evil in the world – protect him (her) from bad associates, from bandits, from murderers, from thieves, from all injury, and from wild animals, and most of all, from enemies who speak and think evil about him (her) .

Give my beloved power and strength, grace and mercy in Your eyes and in the eyes of all people. Give him (her) good fortune, blessing, and success, and make all his (her) paths fortunate.

May his (her) going out and his (her) coming in be with peace, that he (she) may merit to return to his (her) house in happiness and good health.

Provide him (her) with a livelihood from Your hand, that he (she) need not rely on any flesh and blood, for such dependency would serve as a barrier, keeping him (her) from serving You fully.

In the merit of Your thirteen attributes of mercy which are written in Your Torah – The Lord, the Lord, merciful, gracious, slow to anger and abundant in kindliness and truth, preserver of kindness for thousands of generations, forgiver of iniquity, transgression and sin, and acquitter – which are never said in vain, I pray: Hear my supplication, for You are God who hears prayer and supplication. Blessed are You, O Lord, who hears prayer.


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