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Supplementary Prayers: Blessing for the Sun 2009

By Rabbi David Mevorach Seidenberg

Four additions to the Birkat HaChammah observance; can be read as individual prayers, in whatever order or number suits your ceremony; can also be modified to use at the Pesach seder

Blessed are You, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe,
who performs the work of Creation.



We come here ready
to fulfill the Creator’s commandment
to give blessing for the Sun’s creation
and in this year we recognize
that the abundance of blessing
which Earth receives from the Sun
depends on the health of the Skies,
which is in human hands
for the first time in any generation
in all the years of blessing the Sun,
from the beginning of the world.

And we know that You promised
‘A day comes that burns like an oven’
– not just as a parable but as a warning.
For You have given our hands power
to overturn the orders of creation.
But just as you promised,
‘a day comes,’ You also promised,
‘And the Sun of Righteousness
will shine for you,
and healing will be in her winged rays.’
So may You bless us in Your mercy.



Please God, give us
wisdom and knowledge
and skillful hands to heal,
and heal the Skies from our sins.
Heal us so we may heal.

Surround us with Shekhinah’s radiance
that the blessing of the sun may flow
over us, for life and not for death,
for blessing and not for curse,
as it says, ‘I will open for you
the expanses of the Heavens
and I will empty out for you
a blessing beyond what is enough
and Earth’s fruit will not be
destroyed because of you.’ 


God full of compassion, remember
Your covenant with all life,
the covenant of the waters of Noah.
Turn over the bow in our hands
so that it may become a shield
over the garden of Life.
Make Your Shekhinah dwell with us,
spread a Sukkah of compassion and
peace over us, over all Life’s species.
As an eagle arouses its nest, arouse
the flow of Love over Your world
to give them all life, with the river
of Your delights water them.
Give the hungry their bread faithfully
in all of their places of habitat.


May it be Your will, YHVH
our God and God of our ancestors
that the majesty and power
of the blessings which we bless today,
will become lights
in the wellspring of blessings
of the Tree of Life,
and that the bow will appear
a crown of beauty to the Sun’s orb,
and may the whole return now
to its original strength,
joyful and beautified with its colors,
so that we and our descendants
may merit to live many days on Earth,
like days of the Skies over the Land.

Blessed be YHVH forever, amen, amen!
Blessed be the Life of the worlds!

For Sun and Shield is YHVH God.
        -- Psalms 84:11

And on that day I will answer, swears YHVH,
I will answer the Skies, and they will answer the Land.
        -- Hosea 2:23

May we realize blessings in 2037, the next year of Birkat Hachamah.

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