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Social Action Prayer

By Susie Kisber

May we have the strength, wisdom, and clarity of vision to use our power to work toward bringing peace and an end to oppression of all kinds.

May our rhetoric of inclusivity not be mere words. May we actively engage in dialogue and action to end discrimination and prejudice. May we work toward creating a world where no one is subject to inferior education that renders marginalized peoples & histories invisible.

May we nurture local and global economies that foster sustainable growth and end hunger, homelessness, and inadequate health care.

May we, and our loved ones be protected from harm and find moments to nourish and cherish one another. May we offer each other understanding and support as we travel on our sacred journey of tikkun olam (repairing the world).

Adapted from a prayer in the "Blessings for Barack Scroll." The scroll combined prayers from 3,000 diverse voices within the Jewish community and was presented to President Obama after he was inaugurated in 2009.