She Said No!: A Purim Song

By Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael, Margot Stein, Bayla Ruchama, Juliet Spitzer
Gloria Steinem with Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael and members of MIRAJ

Recording by MIRAJ, ©Margot Stein, Rayzel Raphael, Bayla Ruchama, Juliet Spitzer

Rosh Hodesh Adar, February 17,1988

Without her gown                                                   
He summoned her down 
Said it was his right
As a man with a crown

He was obsessed;
She should be undressed
Vashti refused to be
a woman oppressed.      

She said "no" to the king,
She said "no" to the king,
She said "no-no-no-no-no-no-no"
She said "no" to the king!

The king then cried,
"Find me a bride;
She must be beautiful
And have no pride."

When Esther came
He said, "You I will tame
And if you don't like it
Well, Vashti's to blame!"                      

Esther took heart,
That girl was so smart
Thinking of others
and doing her part
She was to find
to get out of that bind
She needed her body
and also her mind.        (CHORUS)

Esther was brave
But the court was depraved
And Haman the Evil One
Ranted and raved;
She took a stand
Yes, she made a demand                         
That the Jews should be saved
Throughout the land.         (CHORUS)


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