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challah candles and wine

Shabbat creeps up on my week,

With the tenacity of a zealous bride,

Dusk falls into the candlelight

As a divine flickering shadow play

Along the chambers of my mind,

The world around me quietens

With a sudden intake of breath,

And, when the doors of my heart open,

She gladdens me with her insistence,


Her beauty disarms my impatience

Until my soul’s frenetic beating stops,

Under the canopy, I dine with the Moabite, Ruth,

Moses overstuffs me with instruction,

The prophets bring me visions of wonder,

David reminds me why I love words,

I see my beloved’s finery

And remember why I welcome her in,


Through the morning blessings

My eyes will open, anew, to the hills,

I have forsaken my silly scornful manner,

Instead, I thank her for intervening,

For imposing herself into the humdrum

Of less meaningful chores,

My gratitude, in a litany, calls me back

To join with the source of all life.

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