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silhouette of person meditating on mountain top. clouds above and mountains in the distance. sun shining behind person's body.
In the presence of true G-dly spirit
Senses become overwhelmed
Saturating sight and sound
Hypersensitivity of touch and taste
Even smells overload our circuitry
For to be in the presence of Holiness
Encountering the Infinite Divine
We have no mechanism of experience
No history of similarity
Which prepares us for the intensity
We no longer exist as we did 
Just mere moments before
We begin to meld with a Presence
A continuity we can't measure
We become other than we were
In this singular alternate reality
We are both present and absent
We are and we aren't
We observe and feel
Yet we cannot quantify the framing
Longing to stay weighs upon our being
Knowing that we can't sears our hearts
We are torn and tearable
We are lost and found
We are changed
And then we are returned
To the world of our own
To the place we were before
Yet we are no longer the same
And we will never be the same again
Enlightenment has caressed us
Our eyes have been opened
We know the call of relationship
The bond of the One and Only
We have embraced the souls we truly are ...

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