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A Response to "Ayshet Hayil" for Sabbath Evening

By Ruth F. Brin, z”l

The Wife to Her Husband:

A good family is a special, a wonderful thing:
people who trust each other,
who care for each other.

A good family means people who listen
Who open their hearts and their minds to each other.

Each member of the family is an important person
Each with responsibilities to the others.

Some work in the home and some work outside it,
but all work together,
all grow and learn,
each in a different way.

A good family is a divine blessing
to be treasured and enjoyed.
With thanks in our hearts, we pray to find the ways
always to be a good family.

From Ruth F. Brin, HARVEST: Collected Poems and Prayers, The Reconstructionist Press, New York, 1986. Used by permission of the estate of Ruth F. Brin, z”l. Rabbi Deborah J. Brin, a daughter of the author, can be contacted by clicking here.