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By Mark Nazimova

The Israelites walked into the Reed Sea One foot at a time. 

(What were they thinking about
    as the water rose
    up their legs 
    chilling their hearts
    advancing toward their open mouths?) 

We continue to walk 
here, now. 
One foot at a time.
(On our better days, forward.) 

cannot reach the far shore
without drowning.

Somehow I don't go under.
The person to my right
holds me up.
Something I cannot see
holds him up.

Blessed is the Source of Help
so often unexpected. 
I step forward.
The sea is vast.

Blessed are You, Gracious One, for your miracles that greet us every day.

Baruch Atah Adonai, al nisecha shebechol yom imanu.

This piece was written for the West End Synagogue on-going Innovative Liturgy Project.  Original pieces and reconstructed  prayers have been written for the High Holy Days, Shabbat, and also for more specific projects such as "psalms", "peace" and the "middah of the month".